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        Linuo Power Group has integrated world-class manufacturing technologies and management system; built transnational R&D and management team composed of world-class management experts and PV-tech specialists; organized Shandong High-efficiency Solar Cell Technology Laboratory, Shandong Photovoltaic Power Generation Engineering Technology Research Center as well as Institute of Linuo Photovoltaic R&D Platform; built wide and insight cooperation with world-known enterprises and research institutions. In Linuo Power Group, 90% of its production equipments come from world-class equipment manufacturing factories such as Germany, Italy and Korea. The products’ average conversion efficiency has met industry-leading standards. All the products have got TUV, UL, MCS, J-PEC, JET, CEC, IEC, CE, INMETRO as well as GoldenSun Certificates. The group has 206 patents in total, as of 2016.



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        Linuo Power products have been shipped to over 30 countries including Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, America, Brazil, Chile, Australia, Japan, South Africa etc. Our group establish a branch company or office in Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries. 

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